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What's the deal with Mk XI and XII hand weapon looks?

Most lower level weapons beat them hands down in style.

Take for just two examples disruptor and plasma pistols:

The Mk VIII compression disruptor pistol is a sleak, mean looking handgun. The 'uber' versions, the Mk XI and XII, have these funky 'blades' that stick out of the bottom of the barrel which are more of a hazard to the owner than any enemy.

The plasma pistol at lower levels is also pretty sleak looking, but the 'top gear' versions have these ugly 'barrel extensions' and huge grip guard strap that make them almost as big as a rifle sitting on your hip.

It seemed like a rule of thumb that the even numbered Marks of ground weapons generally were better looking than their odd numbered (lower performance) counterparts, so is there any hope in the future that Mk XIIs will see the same treatment?

I mean really, my Lt. General is tired of getting stabbed in the leg everytime a pistol is holstered!
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