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08-15-2012, 07:07 PM
Hmm... Don't have a BOP or Raptor at Brig Gen or above (I could GET one, but that will take some time/dilithium/Zen) All my old Raptors/BOP are the lower level versions. (Including an original Lieutenant grade B'rel. But that's hardly going to be useful.)

The Commander lvl K'tinga/D7 I have might be a decent possibility. A bit light on the weapons/hull/BOFF slots, but it's zippy as all hell for a cruiser. For the express purpose of that convoy run, it might work out if I can't get my Vor'cha to do the job.

Looking to the future, when I have more dilithium, the Hegh'tal Raptor looks like a good choice. Would love to have the B'rel retrofit, but damn that's expensive.