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08-15-2012, 06:48 PM
Your current ship can do it no problem.

I've done all those runs in varies different ships, like the Vo'Quv with beam, the Kar'fi with cannons, Guramba, and a Qin raptor, and all with the different captain choices, tac, sci, and engi.

The one thing that remains true through out all the missions, all the ships, and all the captain types, is haveing the correct load out of weapons, consoles, and boff skills.

Given how easy these missions are, you can pretty much ditch all defensive consoles in favour of ones that help your dps, all but the basic heals in the form of hazard emitters, EPTS, and TT can be ditched in favour of offensive skills that help damage/disable/slow the freighters/escorts, and the same can be applied to devices.

Weapon wise, I'd recommend 3 dhc's, 1 quant (or chrono for target speed reduction) torp up front, aft weapons I'd reckon 3 turrets and another torp, or tractor mines to help you slow/stop the freighters, I'm not totally sure, but I feel the energy drain from 7 energy weapons fireing may counter the added dps/dmg provided by a 4th turret.

Consoles wise, my suggestion is repeat the blood of the empire mission for mk xi rare RCS consoles, get 2 or 3 of them to help speed your turn rate up, put any uni consoles you have in your sci slots, and fill your tac slots with consoles that boost your cannon dmg type. Fill in the rest with what will assist you in speed control of the freighters, or what ever takes your fancy.

The way I deal with erickson system optional is:

Fly out to the path of the closest freighters (with or without cloak), then I hit any dmg buffs I have (atk pattern alpha/bravo, cannon scatter volley, but not torp spread that can kill the transports) and attack the civilian escort with the first group, once the escort is dead, continue to disable those freighters, get in range and loot ( you should be able to do this while being at max range of the other 2 escorts flying nearby), i then evasive/full impulse to the back group and do the same thing, kill the escort, disable and loot the transports, then finally get over to the last group as quickly as I can (if i'm after max chance to get a stack of 5 particle traces) and repeat what I had done with the first 2 groups. Best I've managed so far is 5/6 of those freighters.

After that, I swing back, and either mop up the last 2 escorts, or just pop the shield, clean up everything that shoots at me, disable and loot the last 2 freighters, complete the mission, warp out.

As for the Hegh'ta and B'rel bops, the Hegh'ta is king for filling almost any role, the B'rel is best used as a torp boat as that is the role it really shines at. Another good option is to run with a Qin heavy raptor, is more sturdy than a bop, and can deal a little more dmg, even the fleet 200k creds raptor would be a good one to use for this, plus it saves your dil.

Edit: Sorry for the text wall.