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08-15-2012, 07:12 PM
I am just coming to the logical conclusion to make a course correction to fix the PWE/ F2p side track, it is merely a suggestion, but usually my confidence in my statements are usually proven right. I hate to be the I told you so guy....but i called the F2P transition, and authored the crew system that later turned into the DOFF system.

Please do not mistake confidence for ego, I assure you it is not, I just want a better tomorrow for STO, and would like to feel my investment is not in vain......I do not dislike F2p players, I would like to encourage them to subscribe and share the in investment into STO. F2P just need to invest a little more so that those who pay to play the game do not have to shoulder the majority of the burden, on top of paying to play the game.

Thank you.