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I have the same problem "Payment Method Declined", i checked wit my bank and i entered the same billing information but still i get the same error. I have submitted a ticket now. Waiting for a response. I want to be a lifer, guys don't you want my 200 bucks ????
I have a similar problem. I want to be zen points but it keep getting declined saying I'v entered incorrect info. I called my credit card company to see if my card was blocked for some reason and they said my credit card is fine. They said it was declined since I entered the wrong expiry. They said I entered 10/20 when it should be 10/13. I know I entered 10/13 not 10/20. So I tried again....making sure I entered 10/13 for the expiry...still error in transaction.

Now I'm locked out from purchasing zen points for the next 24 hours. What is this? They don't want my money??????