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Originally Posted by smaug1 View Post
No one regulates the actor thing, Worf appears in an episode.
Is that perhaps covered in the agreement that allows Michael Dorn's likeness to be used during some of the actual KDF missions?

They actually had a spotlight on a mission portraying Q!
That is legal how?
Was that John de Lancie Q, or Q Junior (the one who sends you back to Wolf 359 in one of the Featured Episodes)?

I think for the most part my Foundry mission shouldn't run into any trouble with canon characters, except for one thing: I plan to have a log entry by a character we saw one time on TNG be read. It will be explicitly stated that ______, captain of the ______ originally dictated this log.

However--I have a computer system that is reading the entry back to your character because in-story, the original audio file was corrupted due to problems with that ship's computer core.

Am I OK since I am not showing the character's face or allowing the player to interact directly with that individual?

I *can* rewrite the story if I must to give that log entry to someone else, or delete it entirely, but I would prefer not to, since I think the tie to that episode will give the mission a little more of an impact on the player.