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08-15-2012, 08:50 PM
The only issue of Tractors in PvP are like any other pet debuff in PvP, they shouldn't be there.

That said:

3.Evasives&Engine Batt
4.Evasives&Full Engine Power
9.Jump Console
10. Tholian Web
11. Big enough collidable between you and the player using the TB
12. Killing the player/pet using the TB,kill player who launched the pet using the TB
13. AMS
14. Tric Stun/Interrupt
15. Draining/offlining the TBing player/pet's Aux
16. Speed Console
17. Deut&Evasives
18. Vent Theta
19. Wall building console
20. KHG shield proc

The above in no particular order will aid in dealing w/TBs, and there maybe more than I listed. Other than massive pet spam I don't see this being an issue in terms of playability and perhaps the fact the Boff cooldown starts when TB is initiated instead of @ its completion.

Edit: Added a couple more optoins.
Edit: Added KHG shield proc to list of stuff that can break TBs.

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