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Originally Posted by captainhunter1 View Post
It seemed like a rule of thumb that the even numbered Marks of ground weapons generally were better looking than their odd numbered (lower performance) counterparts, so is there any hope in the future that Mk XIIs will see the treatment?
I believe the Elite Fleet personal weapons are planned to have unique appearances, like the set weapons. That said, your problem seems to be a more general art style issue, so there's a chance you might not like those either. For the record I'm OK with most of the weapons except plasma and polaron. The plasma is too long, the polaron is too fat.

That said, I'd like it if Cryptic took an idea from a recent MMO, The Secret World. In that game vendors sell special crafting kits that allow you to destroy a weapon you own to make another weapon look like the previous one. You can even make "generic" crafted weapons look like unique weapons from a set, so long as you have both, which is great if you're going for a certain look and don't want to sacrifice stats, or just hate that your shiny new sword looks like a cricket bat with teeth in it.