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08-15-2012, 10:41 PM
Bortas comm officer: Captain, Starfleet Miranda-class Frigate is on sensors. We have blocked long-range communications.

Bortas captain: Good, prepare to fire.

Bortas tactical officer: Sir, the enemy ship is firing it's phasers, they are not even denting our shields! They have launched a photon torpedo. It's hitting our shields, now.

Bortas medical officer: Captain, we're receiving casualty reports from all over the ship! At least 300 dead bekks, and many more injured!

Bortas captain: What new Starfleet trick is this?! Prepare the Disruptor Autocannon, all weapons, FIRE!

*Bortas unloads it's entire payload of weaponry onto the Miranda, which is destroyed in moments*

Bortas tactical officer: Ship destroyed, Captain.

Bortas captain: Good.

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