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We are a rich and diverse group that loves all of the tactical and strategic machinations that are offered in the STO universe, we love hanging out together on our dedicated Team Speak server, we love doing so with our friends in our greater association of allied fleets, and yes..... we love roleplay, though it's not mandatory.

If you love being a part of the story, Boq botlhra'ghom (Alliance Central Command) could turn you into an STO fanatic.

Captains all have a story. What's yours?

Samaya Tara: Dimensional Operative

Samaya Tara is from what we call "The Mirror Universe." 10 years ago she was a part of a specially trained team which was sent back into human history to neutralize The Terran Empire before it could arise, and in doing so, freeing the future from it's grasp.

Arriving around 500 BCE (BC) in Earth history, Task Force Bodhi had established itself in the vastness of the remote Himalayan mountains, and designated their hidden base as Shambhala. From this hidden center, operatives were sent into the early civilizations that were newly forming in the Indus valley, and strategic trade routes. The operatives manifested as religious teachers who introduced pacifism, and harmlessness which was extended to non-human life. Eventually the values inculcated into the religious values of the region would spread through human civilization via the major trade routes which criss crossed the region.

A number of operatives achieved notoriety with the locals who viewed them as deities of sorts, and Samaya Tara, though a more covert operative, received her share of notoriety. As one would expect with an Orion female, she gathered quite a following among the humans, and it has only grown with the passage of time.

As we know, the Terran Empire exists in a mirror universe, but it is now known that the work of Task Force Bodhi was an unqualified success. The Terran Empire was prevented, but due to the little understood Abrams Paradox, an alternate timeline was created. Even though this is what we consider to be the prime universe, it must be recognized that this is a mere matter of perspective.

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