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# 1 Science Abilities brainstorm
08-15-2012, 11:13 PM
Now since Cryptic has very tight schedule (probably more cruisers incomming lol / joke), let's make it a little easier for them. Just post your ideas how to fix/improve/add existing/new abilities to STO to fix science ship troubles.

Tachyon Beam
1,5x the base dmg, fix the DOFF - the turn debuff is barely noticeable even with all purple DOFFs, there seems to be a bug

Jam Sensors
Let the Sensor DOFF be usable on this at least, although I would prefer if the ability was simple accuracy debuff (Jam Targetting Sensors).

Photonic Shockwave
I would experiment with something that does not create huge numbers - 50% bleedthrough for example. I dislike the idea of long stuns personally.

Charged Particle Burst
What about the dreaded shield heal debuff ? (LOL don't stone me)

It simply has no use in STO currently, I tested MES3 yesterday and it simple is not worth it no matter how you look at it / buff it.

I would change it to "science pattern omega", hugely improving defence/sci resistances of the user.

Tractor Beam II and III
There must be something usefull for them...of course after you have removed the II from danoobes :p. There is not much reason for players to train them. One idea would be to scale the tractor beam DOFF drain for various ranks.


Oh and something that might be or might not be a good idea. I would tripple the value on all science consoles, but make them unique so you can only have one of each type equiped.