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08-15-2012, 11:37 PM
Okay - Update.

Did weapons and console mods as suggested.

Did Pi Canis Sortie Alpha. All three missions are a variation on the same type, destroy ships while jamming. Nothing complex.

Uh... wow...

The Fed ships were evaporating in about 5-8 seconds apiece! Even Typhoon battleships!

I mean - my old set-up was still getting the job done. But I'm pretty sure stuff went boom in about 1/3 the time as previously!

I had the mouse on the jamming button and pressed immediately at the beginning of each attack, but honestly? Stuff went *BOOM* so fast I wonder if it was even necessary!

Right. Well. It's late so I may hold off on Pi Canis Bravo till tomorrow. But this was a good start!

Sorry for the text wall.
Not at all! It really helped!