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ive been back after more than a good year of playing pirates of the burning sea which was an RvR/PvP based mmo. So recently, the devs of potbs decided to implement a couple of really really odd ( some say noob friendly) things so I felt it was time to move on again which brought me back to sto for my daily dose of pvp! Even tho after coming from potbs I feel pvp in sto is and was a joke I still believe it has a lot of potential which makes it good enough for me to just jump in, play a bit and jump out like we know for example from wot etc...

Now my question is how would you describe the pvp community of sto at its current state? Is there at all some kind of relationship between the pvpers in sto? Are there any fleets which dedicated themselves to pvp? Are there any serious attempts to run leagues, tournaments and all that?

Even tho I wouldnt advertise myself as the best of the best I still love to spend my time pvping which also creates a lot of curiosity of whats is going on with the community in the game which Im currently playing!

Thanks all!!

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