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When I want to sell an item, I first check what the prices are for it on the exchange to be compentitive.

This sometimes requires the search option boxes to be set correctly.

Especially the "common" / "uncommon" "rare" thing.

Otherwise the commons will show up for the uncommon/rare item that I am trying to sell, giving a wrong impression of the real value that it has wasting time.

Another common problem is with tactical vs science vs enginering consoles.

Constantly having to switch between these when selling lots of items is a drag/time waster.

It would therefore be more handy if the correct tab was also automatically selected.

This also prevents unnecessary wrong searches and could releave some of the stress/burden on the exchange.

I suspect many players have this problem and are sometimes to lazy or forget to set the search and/or tabs properly leading to many "false/wrong" searches, creating stress/overload on the exchange.

By automaticing this process hopefully stress can be releaved/avoided/reduced.