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If you were outside in a spacesuit, you would only see stars and nebula in near darkness. Your eyes don't have the dynamic range to show a very faint nebula and, for example, a brilliant white surface like a starship's hull. If your followcam was an actual "eye", you would see the ship, the planet, the planet's star, and blackness. This is why the Apollo ground moon photos don't show any stars, the ground is simply way, way too bright.

All those beautiful pictures of nebula/milky way etc. require hours of capture under pristine dark skies.

You are standing inside a modern starship, who's to say what the viewscreen is showing is actually across many wavelengths, and enhanced brightness/artificial color.

Taco, any chance we might see light from suns that aren't white? Ie red, blue, orange, yellow?
Actually you can, if you lived in the country away from city lights, the sky is so filled with star, bright and dim. That just what you can see though light refracting Earth's atmosphere. Imagine what you can see if you were in space on the dark side of Earth?