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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Whoo-boy there, Branflakes, you really scraped the bottom of the barrel here.
I just want to know... are we talking the bottom of the inside of the barrel, or the bottom of the outside? And is this barrel sitting in a barnyard somewhere, or about to go over the Niagra Falls?

I'm trying to figure out how deep in I am, and how deep in what.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
But, remember, this IS Star Trek of course, we believe in time travel, parallel universes, quantum realities, etc. So in at least one of those, I became a mod...just not this one.
And in that same universe, you have the power to turn Forum rule violators into Oprelian amoebas

vBulletin doesn't have a module for that in this universe. We'll have to settle for turning their avatars into pictures of Oprelian amoebas.

(I kid, of course)
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