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Originally Posted by carmenara View Post
LOL @ torpedo casualties.

The fault lies with Cryptic programming the torpedoes to do something like -50% or -20% crew damage per hit according to the game stats.

Probably never bothered to rebalance the stats to take into account the current year's giant flagships, carriers, etc.... and the fact that these giant ships should in the first place have superior inertial damping and emergency forcefields built as standard.
Indeed on that. When I keep getting plastered by waves of fighters in PvP, all who are unloading torpedoes CONSTANTLY, they shouldn't be instantly injuring/killing my crew. Now on a small ship I could go with it, but a huge ship, not so much. Hence why I made that little skit there.

Oh yes, speaking of that...

Multi-vector escorts all have split-personality disorder.