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After a bit of playing around I figured out how you can create the closest representation of a changeling.

Changeling (Odo) Tutorial - to see a screenshot, and download pre-made changelings that you can load into your game.

Star off by creating a new Alien character and use the following settings:

Category: Humanoid
Head type: Humanoid 1
Skin Type: Skin, any color should be fine
Overall Pattern: Solid Color
Base Complexion: Saurian
Forehead Detail: None
Nose Detail: None
Tattoo, Scar, Etc. Options but None probably looks better
Eyes: Humanoid, any color
Ears: Humanoid
Earrings: Optional
Hairstyle: Receding Short
Eyebrow: None
Mouth Accessory: None
Eye Attach: Option, none probably looks better
Head Attach Organic: None

set the Brow Protrusion to about 2 and a half bars
set the Eyes Size to about 1 and a half bars

play around with the other settings until you are happy. I gave him a smaller than normal nose and mouth and also made him skinny,
Cool! Ill make I few changes though.

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