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I don't have any STF sets on Kihlass yet. I don't really know a lot about the layout of the map other than the precise location of each of the 4 saboteurs (just wandering around in phase 1). Don't have access to MACO as a KDF officer, and the whole point of the tactic is to go in while the team is busy on another one, optimising performance. And yes, I've actually done the PvP thingy in 1v1 duels with fleetmates before. Of course, the pet-following-cloaked-player bug as well as the targeting bug resulted in complete and utter defeat in my latest attempt.
You have the Honor Guard as equivalent and dont pretend to do every mission without a good set of items, they exist for a reason. Improvement

And you're confused, no exist such thing as pet following cloaked targets and targeting bugs in ground, we're discussing ground here
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