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Originally Posted by maziken View Post
While not a Gorn uprising storyline, I do have two Gorn missions in a storyline with the final mission being re-evaluated and changed currently.

You have given me the idea to have future missions revolve around the unrest that the Gorn may have with the Empire, though.

Mission Title: "Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow"
Author: Maziken

Mission Title: "The Hegemony Strikes Back"
Author: Maziken

Still finishing up the last mission in this three mission series, though.
I came across those not too long after I posted this question. I played through and really enjoyed the first one. The only minor nitpick I had was it seemed to place my character in the shoes of a Klingon but that was easy enough to overlook That's not really a problem wiht the mission either. You have to write it from someones perspective. I also was thrown off by your spelling of Petaq. I've never seen it spelled the way you were spelling it in this mission. It was a fun story and I really enjoyed the ending ground confrontation with the Federation.

The Second one I've been a bit slower getting around to. When I grabbed it I didn't feel like going back to qo'nos yet and when I did get to qo'nos I wasn't in the mood to go back out to Eta Eriandi. I'm not entirely sure why you made the players go back to qo'nos for part two since all we get is exposition there.
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