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Originally Posted by atrus19 View Post
I go into ESD, it gets to around 96%, and then loads very very very very slowly. This is crap, and I have seen that others have experienced it for a while now. This is a first for me but FIX THIS NOW. Or at least acknowledge the problem and offer up some solutions. Jesus.
One of the key rule-of-thumbs around here is: They don't always acknowledge it (would take time away from game things), but they ARE always aware of it, as long as you bring it to their attention.

A dev will see this, so you brought it to their attention. But just because they don't publicly acknowledge does not mean they're aren't reading/watching threads
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Been playing STO since Open Beta, and have never regarded anything as worse than 'meh'. I have nothing against the game/devs, nor any particular wish to talk bad about either, or praise most decisions. Still, it's better to be positive than cynical.