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Recently logged onto DS9 and somehow wandered my way into zonechat about Gorn jokes, Puns, and various other things. What follows is the chat logs. I found this whole incident LOLs for me, at least, thought i'd share the amazingness of Gorn Dogs with the rest of STO.

[Zone #8] Angelina@Sostos: WTT a [Large Hypo] for a D'Kora only serious offers!

[Zone #5] Ash@lastingdamage: I like it in the culture. every one has glands that produce whatever drug you need

[Tell] To Angelina@Sostos: Just 1 hypo?

[Zone #7] Sasha Grey@Budweiser2: a glad that produces heroin?

[Zone #7] Sasha Grey@Budweiser2: I want one

@Sundaos has logged off.

[Tell] Angelina@Sostos: ok if you need 2 i ll do it just for ya xD

[Zone #6] Sorhal@zappzerapp: und da hopse ich wieder in das falsche schiff, alzheimer l?st gr?ssen

[Zone] Mornur@Grumdar: gonna try out my tet's now

[Zone] Mornur@Grumdar: wc

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: Gorn in the Wind

[Tell] To Angelina@Sostos: Sure, i'll take it. I'm in DS9 #2 at the Borg taskforce area

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: with the Wind^

[Zone] Lieutenant Campbell@desannkrado: No Gorn Jokes

[Zone #5] Tanzania@cag8477: you there?

[Zone] Lieutenant Campbell@desannkrado: Just please

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: what gorns around comes around

[Zone #9] Jim@piarate: It's Tribbliicious and you don't believe me it''ll becalling you Gornaphobic. You know these jokes are not hot. So run down the block. It's Tribblisious.

[Zone] Lieutenant Campbell@desannkrado: O god

[Zone #1] John Black@kingjohn22: EVERY 1 GORN JOKES!!!!!

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: Yo mumma so Gorn she makes Klingons look Nausican

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: i hate raps

[Zone #7] Miss Raevynn@bmoviequeen: lol

[Zone #4] Dragonfly@CmdrSkyfaller: ... /doublefacepalm

[Zone #10] Tango@tango14: Gorn Jokes are old old old and old now

[Zone] Lieutenant Campbell@desannkrado: I don't even think they are funny...

[Zone #5] Tanzania@cag8477: yeah I know...

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: more importantly i don't like the people who do the raps

[Zone] Lieutenant Campbell@desannkrado: Some of them are just retarded

Item acquired: Large Hypo

You lost 7,500 Energy Credits

You made a purchase successfully!

[Zone] Lieutenant Campbell@desannkrado: Gorn with the Wind? really?

[Zone #4] Ja'La@jalawaran: the character slot purchase for 2 addtl toons...will it allow me to have 3 kdf toons of I have no feds?

[Zone #6] Tesha@mrnovember11: gorn jokes will be gorn soon

[Zone #11] nocturnal@slipperyotter: Here today, Gorn tomorrow...

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: retarded like this, gorn in hollywood

[Zone #4] Ja'La@jalawaran: if I have no feds*

[Zone] Lieutenant Campbell@desannkrado: boring lol

[Tell] To Angelina@Sostos: Wait... Normal large hypos or PvP Hypos?

[Zone #4] Ja'La@jalawaran: the descriptions doesnt specify

[Zone #3] Ren@Ren_Arcen: yes

[Zone #7] Vilkrith@Astax2: why is this game so awesome?

[Tell] Angelina@Sostos: was a joke

[Zone #5] Otto@cuse2015: gorn jokes are like klingon ships, old and useless

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: ok, gorns the word

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Illogical? Gornlogical.

[Zone #4] Ja'La@jalawaran: ok cool thx

[Tell] Angelina@Sostos: only my jokes are left to take away my sadness -.-

[Zone #11] josh@COLONEL421: if anyone wants to join my fleet to do stf missions and help me unlock the fleet yard ships contact me no obligations just looking for ppl who want to contribute fleet marks and whatever else they can

[Zone #11] Farshore@thoracic4267: just like the idiots that continue to spout them

[Tell] To Angelina@Sostos: So... No hypo for a D'Kora?

[Zone #9] Oigran@lycos7: that should be Gornalogical

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: idiots are the poeple not having fun

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: i am having fun

[Tell] To Angelina@Sostos: I just spent 7,500 EC to get 2

[Tell] Angelina@Sostos: dont play with my pain -.-

[Zone #7] Sasha Grey@Budweiser2: I'll be back I ahve to go see my Gornocologist

Lieutenant Campbell@desannkrado: Hello!

Lieutenant Campbell@desannkrado greets Legion with a friendly hello.

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: Gornacologist

Kala@mallycious has acquired a Ferengi D'Kora Marauder!

[Tell] Angelina@Sostos: 7500ECs to get what??

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gornology. The study of Gorn.

[Zone #11] Farshore@thoracic4267: yup.. join josh's fleet, so you can do all the work and he gets all the profit, then he'll cut you lose .. slave labour... idiot

[Zone #9] Jim@piarate: I'm cooking and shooting the Bush it that you all put us through

[Tell] To Angelina@Sostos: 2 Large hypos for the D'kora X_X

[Zone #8] DiBartolomeo@Merulo: Wow, lets stop with Gorn jokes & argue politics and religion. Yeah, right!

[Zone #4] Tac@CmdrSkyfaller: theres a new MMO coming out. zombie theme.

[Zone #5] Silver@Ironside: gornthropology

[Zone #4] Tac@CmdrSkyfaller: but messed up. you play the zombia

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: I honestly prefer the Gorn party over either canadate.

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gornocology

[Zone #4] Tac@CmdrSkyfaller: and the zombiepocalypse happens in an earth where everyone is a necrophiliac.

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gornography

[Zone #8] DiBartolomeo@Merulo: Gorn Romney?

[Zone #11] josh@COLONEL421: f u bro i only made a fleet so i could trade equipment to my other character when the game first came out and now i need ppl who want to get the new ships

[Zone #4] Tac@CmdrSkyfaller: hence your game is to avoid getting ***** so you can rot in peace

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Stop gorning to Gornography

[Zone #7] Sasha Grey@Budweiser2: I have Gornophobia

[Zone #11] tristar_1@tristar_1: guy can someone help me to get through the optional on infected ground please

[Zone #1] Thil@Andrys: do you know of a little show named BRANDED dude?

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: GORNOGRAPHY

[Zone #4] Praelia@blitzsth: 30 keys on the exchange for 1.4 mill better get them quick

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: Gornatology. A new variant of the scientology cult. Believes our souls are all gorn, and the reason why we feel negative emotions and kill each other is because we are trying to become gorn again

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: guy is the person who usually dies first

[Zone #9] Jim@piarate: Tac that is just sadistic

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gorn jokes are SO last reptile.'

[Zone #4] Tac@CmdrSkyfaller: heehehehe

[Zone #11] Farshore@thoracic4267: f u? wow.. now there's an intelligent response. did you come up with that all by yourself or did you need someone to spell it for you?

[Zone #5] Lazek@EviLaz: I am going, going, Gorn.

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: Molak must be a Gorn again Jenova's witness

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gornography.

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gornova's witness

[Zone] Dak Rattler@DakRattler: The Gorn Ultimatum

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: stop fighting before i send the bug army on both of you!

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: You mean the GORN Army?

[Zone #11] josh@COLONEL421: u are making baseless accusations about me and my intentions

[Zone #9] Jim@piarate: Flava Flave Flavucker

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: XD

[Zone #8] DiBartolomeo@Merulo: Is Gornography where you are or what you're doing?

[Zone #3] Valdress@tiberiusforest: there hasn't been an original gorn joke in years.

[Zone #7] Sasha Grey@Budweiser2: josh's mom is a gorn

[Zone #5] sector7g@sect0r7g: your'e never Gorn do that !

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: Josh, you all but Gorned that the reason you wanted people to join was to "help" you unlock stuff. His assumption is hardly unfounded

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gorn jokes are so Gorny.

[Zone #11] Farshore@thoracic4267: doubt she rated that high on the evolution list

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: Igorn for icegorn

[Zone #9] Niana@psamtik1993: oh my gorn they will never gorna stop with gorn jokes

[Zone #11] josh@COLONEL421: ya help as in anyone who wanted the same thing

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: on the Gornolution list?

[Zone #7] Sasha Grey@Budweiser2: Gorn jokes many me Gorney

[Zone #10] Moira@Desertvenom: the last unigorn

[Zone #10] Tieberius@Huckster69: Renegade Squadron is a family oriented fleet that is currently rebuilding. We are looking for members to help build our ranks. We are fleet level 4. We cover pvp and pve. PM if interested

[Zone #1] Thil@Andrys: SASHA GrEY OMGGGGGGG

[Zone #8] DiBartolomeo@Merulo: Foghorn Leg-gorn

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: You get Gorney to Gornography

[Zone #1] Thil@Andrys: give me your ASSS

[Zone #9] Jim@piarate: Valdress Two nuggets of tribble worth the gorn in the bush.

[Zone #5] sector7g@sect0r7g: Breen(g) on the Gorn jokes

[Zone #5] Silver@Ironside: a couple of mice knocked on the door today, in white shirts and black ties, and said; "we'd like to talk to you about...cheeses"

[Zone #9] Farius Magnus@firelordzx5: my name is gorn.... james gron

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gornes?

[Zone #6] One of Zero@mmotnahp: Gorn jokes? Seriously? You people make me want to gorn out my eyeballs.

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gorn.... JAMES GORN.

[Zone #4] Kieran@PERFECT_ELITE: waking up of a morning and eating some gorn flakes cant beat it

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: His name isn't spock, it's S-gorn.

[Zone #8] Angelina@Sostos: Kieranyou need to go the movies!

[Zone #7] Sasha Grey@Budweiser2: beam me up Gorny!

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Captain Gorn of the starship Gorniprise

[Zone #1] Nick Alexander@auggiedog: Don't forget gorn on the cob...

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: what was that gorn, timmy's stuck in a well?!

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Captain Gorn of the starship Gorniprise

[Zone #7] Ayame@Scrin_Zu_Chaos: the internet is for gorn

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: To Gornly Gorn where no Gorn has Gorned Before!

Thol@Xarchon: Wave your hands in the air!

Thol@Xarchon waves his hands from side to side.

[Zone #8] D'eth Shadow@wasteofalife69: he he, gornholio, he he

[Zone #5] sector7g@sect0r7g: Suprised that there are no Gorn punn ship names out there - U never see them...

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: "bam bam bam" Desk. Not. Hard enough. To block. PUNS!

Molak@daviddye: Wave your hands in the air!

Molak@daviddye waves his hands from side to side.

[Zone #8] DiBartolomeo@Merulo: How many of you have played gornhole?

@DragonFire1170 has logged on.

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: sector7g, you no gorn english so well

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: What about Star Gorn Gornline?

[Zone #9] Oigran@lycos7: They are gornaflaged, thats why you dont see them

[Zone #4] Chem@chemicalmonkey: If only they were punny it wouldnt be so bad.

[Zone] Thol@Xarchon: lulz

[Zone #6] T'Jall@Merganzer: Gornholio

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Yup

[Zone #9] Jim@piarate: To be Poor or Not Tribblee

[Zone #7] Sasha Grey@Budweiser2: Star Gorn IV: the Gorn Hope

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: To Gorn or not to Gorn, that is the Gorn.

[Zone #5] sector7g@sect0r7g: Tee Pee for my Gornhole

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: The Empire strikes Gorn

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: Instead of adding Gorn in somewhere it simply doesn't fit for th heck of it? Yes. Actual puns might be okay.

[Zone #6] T'Jall@Merganzer: gorn on the cob

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Return of the Gorn

[Zone #1] Axe@saber120: Gornhole! Now we're talkin!

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Be quiet you Gorn.

[Zone #7] Tamo@asmodic: internet is for gorn!!!

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: you vulcan idiots XD

[Zone #1] Nick Alexander@auggiedog: Children of the Gorn

[Zone #3] Brett@Brettaeus: I AM GORNHOLIO!

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gornography?

[Zone #11] Angelius@angelius013: [Cannibal Tribble]

[Zone #6] T'Jall@Merganzer: gornography

[Zone #6] T'Jall@Merganzer: me so gorny

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: Cradle of Gorn

[Zone #4] Vacna@prestonpool: the song that will always stay in your head "Fatbottom Gorn"

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: best Gorn Metal band ever!

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: You know what? I'm going to create a channel for Gorn fans and Gorn jokes.

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Why not/ Gorn?

[Zone #3] Brett@Brettaeus: Where i Come form we Have no GORNHOLES

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: Gorn needs to added to the profanity filter.

[Zone #10] Okeer@ironcladmonkey: im down for infected and cure- khitomer can go to hell

[Zone #8] Tango@tango14: for anyone who is tired of these gorn jokes go to space we talk up there

[Zone #11] Mackmas@mackmas: sleeping with the gorn

Joined channel "Gorn".

Left channel "Gorn".

[Zone #4] Chem@chemicalmonkey: So true Cray

[Zone #7] Remen@resik68: [Gorn Tribble]

Joined channel "GornGorn".

[Zone #11] Mackmas@mackmas: en attendant gorn

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: My own, my love, my GORNNN!, he stole it from me golum golum, my gorn!

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Channel is called GornGorn

[Zone #7] Raymond@aviastos: What is a Gorn?

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Honey, I shrunk the Gorn

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: [Giant Gorn Shi'ite]

[Zone #1] Telzon Ulysses@Darkhadoh: The Gorn Shank Redemption

[Zone #11] Mackmas@mackmas: there is no gorn

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: It wouldn't be so bad, could spread out to other puns but they just go and klingon to these.

[Zone #8] Angelina@Sostos: WTS [1,000 Skill Bonus Pool]

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: XD

[Zone #7] Remen@resik68: Jimmy crack Gorn, but I don't care

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: Over and over until no sense of humor Remans.

[Zone #8] DiBartolomeo@Merulo: Gorn Between Two Lovers

[Zone #6] sinister@mrsinister82: well thats just because some are nausicans and some are nausicants

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: Whatsa romulan with you Cray?

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: Sorry, my jokes aren't that good today, the heat is so high I'm practically Dosi'ing.

[Zone #6] sinister@mrsinister82: here its full of nausicant think of anything else amusing

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: get outa this vulcan room you vulcan idiots

[Zone #4] Chem@chemicalmonkey: That was just sad Legion.

[Zone #1] Telzon Ulysses@Darkhadoh: anti matter sprays from my nipples

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: you reman my puns are bad?

[Zone] Admiral_Chakotay@captainmeyer1120: [Polaran Turret Mk XI [Acc] [Crth] [Borg]

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: I once almost Gorn off a Cloff, but i Klingon'd to it even if i was Nausiccan and feeling sick.

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: *Cliff

[Zone #6] sinister@mrsinister82: nausicant

[Zone #6] sinister@mrsinister82: lol

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: the human society

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: Better stop stroking that ferengi

[Zone #4] Anthrax@Velpha: stupid question what are the benefits of a 3 month gold membership?

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: you know, playing with the one-eyed tholian

[Zone #3] Ren@Ren_Arcen: Yes the jokes are bad, but we can andorian it

[Zone #3] Brett@Brettaeus: No stupid Questions Only stupid Ppl

[Zone #9] Jim@piarate: One woman one mayor

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: 1500 free zen, extra character slot, slightly bigger bank,

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: the benifits are waisting your money on the gold membership, XD

[Zone #4] Vacna@prestonpool: holy crap 50 fleet marks for doing officer reports nice

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: We can Andorian it.Just Klingon a little longer.

[Zone] Thol@Xarchon: snoozerz

Friend invite sent to @Xarchon.

[Zone #6] sinister@mrsinister82: on a three month subscription isnt free zen

[Zone #3] Ren@Ren_Arcen: What ever you do, don't show & Tellar

[Zone #4] Eplon Ghemor@AKfourtyseven: [Special Requisition Pack - Ferengi D'Kora Ship] & Veteran Boffs sell or trade PM me offers

[Zone #4] Anthrax@Velpha: i didnt get any zen >.>

[Zone #1] Telzon Ulysses@Darkhadoh: I've seen things you wouldnt believe, attacks on fire of the shoulder of orion

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: klingons ferasan klingons!

@Xarchon has accepted your friend request.

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: What about being Vulcaan and rude?

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: (Vulgar)\

[Zone #9] Jim@piarate: Whats the hotkey to access friendslist?

[Zone] Thol@Xarchon: Where's the witty political talk.. i like common back from stf's and hearing that

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Witty gorn talk?

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: Sorry, that must be on ESD.

[Zone #3] Neeka@Neekee: porn talk?

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: GORN

[Zone] Thol@Xarchon: better than four hours of tribble puns

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Gornography

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: THIS. IS. DS9! Only bad jokes here.

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: alright, mitt klingmey is an idiot

[Zone #3] Ren@Ren_Arcen: Whats romulan with you? "I fell on my cardassian."

[Zone #7] TheBabySniper@buzookajoe: wouldn't being a vulcan and rude basically just be a romulan?

[Zone #1] Telzon Ulysses@Darkhadoh: THERE ARE 4 LIGHTS!!!

[Zone #4] Anthrax@Velpha: For real yhough someone whisper me these benefits lol

[Zone #3] Brett@Brettaeus: You mean the Insert [generic Racial politcal religous slurs] here chat

[Zone #1] Pharlon@pharlonspinx: This place has really gorn downhill.

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: we have a tribble in the dribble

[Zone #8] DiBartolomeo@Merulo: Mitt Klingmey? LOL....

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: Keeping Up with the Cardassians. Not that show I might watch.

[Zone #3] Ren@Ren_Arcen: lol

[Zone #11] sven@sven2561: gorn are the days it use to be fun

[Zone #5] Otto@cuse2015: lulz.

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: I'm not sure how long I can Reman with all these Tribble jokes.

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: Difference between Kardashians and Cardassians. One is a cruel, cold blooded lizard creature and the other is from Star Trek

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: dribble the tribble

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: XD, true cray

[Zone #6] Chi'ka@Windigo1: nice cray ty i needed that

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Dribble the Tribble Bibble Fibble Gibble.

[Zone #6] Cray@Jez_Rictheron: My pleasure.

[Zone #3] Brett@Brettaeus: I dribble my tribble every day!

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: nibble

[Zone #4] Anurah@anhum: Gorns eat Tribbles

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: wibble the tribble had a a bad dribble and liked to nibble your gizzle

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Sometimes, I Nibble on my Dribble Tribble with a bibble on

[Zone #1] Telzon Ulysses@Darkhadoh: next patch picards flute 4000 zen

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: Gorns gone Wild

[Zone #4] Anthrax@Velpha: for real i need some info on the subscription

[Zone #4] Anthrax@Velpha: someone whisper me >:|

[Zone #8] Kano@volkxue74: fo tribble my nizzle

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Someone should copy this chat and put it on the STO Forums

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: XD

[Zone] Legion@The_Collective: for real, look it up on their website >.>

[Zone #7] Tidus@tidusll: Snoop tribble fo shizzle yo..... tribble dookie and little pices of shizzle

[Zone #11] Sai Than@sageroy: procs have a 2,5% chance to activate every volley or every bullet hit?

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: reman the heman had a bad deman

[Zone #7] Dermoka@rocketciaran: is it me or have the stfs gone easy

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Demam Reman the He-man.

[Zone #11] sven@sven2561: no but they have gorn really easy

[Zone #7] Dermoka@rocketciaran: IGE LF4M - speed

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: Sorry, too busy watching Gorn to Klingon to this chat

[Zone] Thol@Xarchon: Cure will never be easy due to randoms

[Zone #11] Sai Than@sageroy: too many rainbow ody riders were unhappy about ridiculously hard STFs

[Zone #1] Telzon Ulysses@Darkhadoh: a mean breen is hard to clean

[Zone #7] Tidus@tidusll: borg gorn sakes

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: klingon the dingon had a bad pingon, qith a good singon

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: He also had his Thingon

[Zone #11] Toweliee@toweliee420: r "tribbles" worth anything these days

[Zone #5] dack@mastercode123: XD, i new ryming was good timing

[Zone #4] Vacna@prestonpool: get a Vulcan to Reman your Gorn

[Zone] Molak@daviddye: They are worth more Gorn than Romulan Cardassian Breen.

[Zone #4] Praelia@blitzsth: only a few master keys left selling at 1.4 mill each get them quick

[Zone #9] Jim@piarate: WHAT IS THE HOTKEY

[Zone #7] Raymond@aviastos: What item makes fireworks in space?

[Zone #3] Brett@Brettaeus: Im so sick Of all you guys Paradan all theses Tribbling Gorn Jokes around

[Zone #11] Sai Than@sageroy: Columbia?

[Zone #1] Telzon Ulysses@Darkhadoh: [Fireworks]

[Zone #8] Hanur@saintsinner71: vet reward i believe

[Zone #7] Raymond@aviastos: Cheers
"Remember Rule of Acquisition #7-
'Keep your ears open.'"

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