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08-16-2012, 09:10 PM
Originally Posted by kbflordkrueg View Post
Since you discovered it wasn't a long Cryptic ignored bug, but rather player error, maybe you should modify your OP, eh?
Saw this post. It's a bug, not player error. My skills and respec points were a valid setup before the DOFF system existed. It is absolutely possible to get into a position where you spend nearly all your points and not enough (just 500) to fill another skill bar. The game has accepted respecs like that and probably still does. I don't want to test it with my character after I fixed it.

If the game threw up a huge warning and said, "You HAVE to spend all your points or else things like Transwarp Coils, Diplomatic Transwarps, and Diplomatic Immunity will break.", this poster may have a point, but it doesn't and Cryptic didn't figure it out after months of posts since the DOFF system debuted in January. I figured it out (or at least I posted a solution).

I am very happy that this workaround solution has worked for other people.