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Ops Officer: Sir, a squadron of Orion corvettes on sensors, bearing oh-three-six mark two-zero. They seem to be minding their own business.
Captain: Destroy them.
Ops: Sir, they're not attacking us, they're not even moving to intercept.
Cap: Do it anyway.
Ops: Can we at least disable them?
Cap: Nope. I want loot. Kill them.



Ops: Sir, a fleet of Borg cubes is approaching, estimated 64 vessels!
Captain: RUUUUN!
Ops: Sir, another contact... it's a giant humanoid, but it's all... blocky. It's swinging it's arm at the cubes... they're exploding!
Captain: Our lucky day!
Ops: I wouldn't be so sure... the fleet is gone, but I'm reading the contact approaching us... THE CUBES ARE REAPPEARING! We're being encased!

When STO meets Minecraft


Captain's log, stardate 90001.99. 33 centimeters long. Left in the hallway. I've requested a transfer to another ship... Having the bridge in the saucer and the only bathroom on the drive section is a real pain on this Oberth-class, since there's not even a lift down. I just wish the transporters weren't under maintenance at the time...

Oberth-class Captain's Log.
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