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08-17-2012, 02:19 AM
i tend to stick to what i can do and know, its a role i do very well, like a healer. i do not play sto any longer but if someone asks me to do something that i know i can not do, i wont attempt it, then they vent at me and spam then try to kick me off or leave the team. an example of what i mean is your a healer with limited energy, your heals cost energy and most of your fights you become marginal with your energy usage.

this person then asks you to do something unwise which would either put the healer out of commission and likely kill the team or debilitate the healer to a point that half way into the fight the healer can not heal because the healer has no energy! yet the person who asked for me to do something unworkable does not see it that way. this type of person could be considered an elitist jerk by the idea of what several other people here have mentioned.

i would say that every game i have played in my time has its good and bad communities and there is no way to tell the bad to give up their position as they have their right to that position just like a bad player can not tell a good player to turn nasty for no reason.

everyone had to be a "noob" at some point and those that deliberaly ignore it then cast their own hate for what they are on others and spam the word "noob" because they are not upto a standard they like. well, its not the new players problem.