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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Am now sure of this

largely because BORG surrendered

thus I am counting this as a holographic simulation NOT a mission (thus anyone damaged in it can consider themself still a living person)

I NEARLY deleted a character just now then I realised


Borg Sabotaging at all

Borg at all

got to be a simulation
I'm with you on this one.

I said in another thread that I felt it out-of-character for the Borg to fart around sabotaging when they are famous for assmiliation. Another poster pointed out that they could be sabotaging prior to, or to faciliate, assimilation, but not convinced - their method of sabotage IS assimilation. The don't beam aboard and break things - they assimilate them. Starbase 82 (from Infected Space) being an excellent in-game example.

The Borg's presence, and out of character actions, in Incursion ARE best explained away by it being a holoprogram.
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