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For some time my space whale was named USS Prince of Wales as the star cruisers were all named after Royal Navy ships, starting from Ark Royal in March this year.

Later on I had the Revenge, Rodney and Repulse for a complete "R" class of battlecruisers.

I considered naming the Regent after queens of history but USS Elizabeth sounds more like a luxury liner (in RL it is, QE2, etc) and USS Tsarina Katarina ("Queen Catherine") sounds like my colleague @ work that sits next to me. Not very threatening.

Dodge Viper ACR however... fits the ship's gameplay role perfectly. A big honking loud, polluting V-10 powered fire breathing monster. Just pretend Armitages and Escorts don't exist and you're fine
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Well... you could call it the Grand/Great/Supreme "Kaiser"... or "Kaiserine"... or something like that.
Now I know what to call it on another character: USS Mazinkaiser
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