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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Our tech team is investigating. If you have a support ticket in about this, look for an update soon. It's definitely not affecting everyone and I am sincerely sorry for those who are affected.


Brandon =/\=
Well, it's good to know that someone's on the case! The only other time I've ever encountered this problem had been when there was a server shut down, on account of an unscheduled maintenance. Yet, that doesn't seem to be the case this go around.

I last logged into STO, either sometime this past weekend or possibly this past Tuesday. Had absolutely no login issues then.

Something funny that I did notice, which happened either yesterday or on Wednesday, which may or may not be related: When I attempted to access this forum then, via both Goggle Chrome and Explorer, my old bookmark wasn't working at all. Both Chrome and Explorer seemed to indicate that the page was down. I then recalled something similar happening when the official switch from Cryptic to PWE had occurred. Well, using Chrome, I accessed the 'cached version' of the Forum and discovered that I was able to read a thread and then logged in from the prompt above that thread and I was magically back on the forum! Though, I noticed that the Forum address had changed since the beginning of this week. I promptly updated my bookmark to the new address and no Forum problems since. Weird stuff.

I'm guessing these login issues are somehow associated with yesterday's patch? Since I had no problems at all before yesterday's patch rollout. My Windows OS is fully updated, as are all my graphics and device drivers. Perhaps there are common symptoms associated with this issue? I.E., Operating System or Graphics Card type?

I'm using Windows 7 64bit OS, with an NVIDIA GeForce 210 graphics card. Never any persistent login problems until this morning. To those also suffering from this login problem, I can't help wondering if it might be helpful to share rig info?

Hope this gets resolved soon, as I'm eager to get back in-game!

P.S.- And another odd thing I just noticed...the C-Store isn't coming up for me at all! In the window where the C-Store items should be displayed, I'm getting "The Webpage is not available". The rest of the page is visible and it still shows me logged in, as it does here, on the Forum. The weirdness just continues to abound!
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