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08-17-2012, 06:30 AM
Hail Fleet Commander!

I've read through your thread and I am interested to join your fleet. The whole theme of "fleet in the making" is to my liking.

About me:
IG: Science Lt.9, joined STO less then a week ago. At the moment I just love the game. It seems like the MMO I've been looking for some years now. I am looking for a fleet because it is lonely out there, like in any game.

RL: Well, I'm 24 and live in Greece (yea, **** happens ) but Ukranian by origin. I enjoy video games and simulations ALOT. I am a Teamspeak user, it is constantly open on my pc.
I am not sure about my gaming hours and general activity in the future as my vacation days are finishing by the end of next week and I'm going back to work. Also I am an Officer in another clan (BF2 Project Reality mod, Clan: F|H Invictus) and have some duties and responsibilities there. Although I think I will be playing STO quite alot as I just love the amount of content it has.

What I want from a fleet:
1. A bunch of friendly people who enjoy playing this game.
2. Growing potential. It is nice to be in a "guild" of 100 persons and be able to say "*****, I was here from the beginning"
3. Populated Voice Comms (preferably TS or Mumble, don't like Vent). There is nothing worse than 30 members online and only 2 on TS.
4. People who have fun, but understand when **** gets serious.

Since I couldn't find your Fleet listing in the Fleet Finder IG, and you haven't posted your toon's name here, I think I'll have to wait till you see this. Anyway, If you think that I am the kind of person you would like to have in your Fleet, contact me either by posting here (although I doubt I will see it in time) or by finding me on steam or xfire or ingame.
IG: Sandworm@jasonxax (I hope i got it right)
Steam & Xfire : jasonxax

Well that was a big post...