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I think you've hit it there. That's the thing that keeps occurring to me with threads saying do this don't do that etc... The over inflated view of themselves and that their way is the only way.
To annoy these people I have deiberately run PUG ESTFs where I publicly post F the 10%, etc.

No orders barked, no obscure orders, "engage at pilots' discretion" and watch each others' backs, keep an eye for key objectives.

Where necessary I will post short and sweet SITREPs on team chat, like "Tgt cube" or "deploy CAP on gate". Teammates automatically redirect attention to wherever.

What do you know? Everyone did the right thing on their own and we won ISE + optional and exchanged friends' list invites.

Brought same team onto KASE, same thing, I plug the strategic right gate probe position, someone else plugs left, "pilots' discretion" and automatic victory from everyone doing their thing well.

Feedback from PUGs: "Best team ever" etc.

It's the reason why my fleet doesn't bother with voice comms... it's not needed. The missions are static, the enemies are predictable, the challenge is nil.

So little dynamic content that I break the ice by using small talk on team chat. People love small talk or exchanging lols.

They hate the people who, upon immediately spawn in the map, start barking orders on how to tackle the boss fight <--- this is a very common ground STF example.

The boss fight is 15 minutes away. You worry about breaking the ice for the current team and the current objective!

But they love small talk. Small talk for Elite PUG victory FTW
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