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It has been stated by the team that KDF C-Store items make exponentially less money than Fed releases. This and the "16%" attitude are part of Cryptic's ongoing self-fulfilling prophecy of failure to have a balanced 2-faction game. While the team seems to prefer to blame the IP's fanbase, I personally look at other games and clearly see better balance - regardless of those games IP popularity.

Balanced releases are the clear beginning to balanced populations, and so we have gobs of multi-faction content, with little or no redside content being brought in to eventually balance the core game's factional offerings.

This is fine, until we examine the Z-Store. Regardless of the eventual releases, releasing fed-first, and even faction specific gear in Z-store ships has done little to improve the perception of balanced factions, and therefore nothing to improve the actual population balancing.

Account Binding offers a possible solution to this.

Account bind all Z-store-ship consoles and weapons which do not have ship-specific limits (so no multivector or cloak consoles, for example). Continue to offer cross-faction console boxes in reward boxes, as they give a great way to get items in-game for EC (buying them or boxes and keys off the exchange).

This accomplishes 3 things:
1) allows any item expressly released for one side to immediately become available for the other via Account Bank transfer.

2) better balances ship abilities between the factions.

3) increases the likelihood of KDF ship sales to increase as Fed captains seek to obtain subspace jumps, quad disruptors, and other formerly kdf-only consoles/weapons.
On the development side, it makes up for the lower demand on KDF designs by removing the need to make a balancing ship for each Fed design. While the team has already expressed their enjoyment of making KDF designs, this offers a fast way to cash-in on that desire, by making more KDF designs which contain consoles or weapons BOTH sides would want.
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