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08-17-2012, 11:06 AM
Originally Posted by warslord1 View Post
day 5 and still nothing
Warslord1, you've had this problem since Sunday or Monday???!!!

I'm pretty sure that I last logged in either Sunday, Monday or Tuesday night (whichever night featured an SSR party at the top level of Quark's at DS9...much whiskey that evening, so my recall's fuzzy) and I didn't have any problems either logging on or staying connected then.

That said, I hadn't tried logging in again until sometime around 5:30AM to 6AM this morning. And I haven't been able to log on either, on account of repeatedly getting "Unable to establish connection to Patch Server...etc., etc.".

Though, I have spoken to a pal of mine who had absolutely no problems logging on this morning. I'm in Orlando, Florida and he's in Ft. Meyers.

Perhaps this might be some sort of problem with our Internet Service Providers? My pal, in Ft. Myers, is connected with Comcast. While I, here in Orlando, get my cable internet from Brighthouse Networks and Roadrunner.

Who's your Internet Service Provider Warslord1? Just wondering if this might be an issue between Cryptic and certain ISPs, given that some of us are unable to connect to STO, while some clearly are?
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