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Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
problem is, it is not balanced. yes, the defiant deals a bit more damage than the others, but if you use the others well, you can pretty much gain back on everything. so losing 0,09 shield strength is not enough justification

also, I checked holodeck description, and it states, that it comes with a stronger shield, so in the end hopefully this is just a bug.

and if you think about it the other ships get more sci power engi power AND PLUS the stronger shields and hitpoints, while the defiant only gets a bit more tac power, and a simple hull bump.

any ideas, where I can put a ticket for this? (either for the change in description, or the change in shield strenght). never filed a ticket before, but considering, that I want to buy the ship with loads of ppl, it worths my 5 mins
I think the way they justify the defiant retro ('justify' in their own terms) is the cloak. What it needs is just to turn the ensign tactical boff slot into an engineering. That simple little change would actually go quite far for balancing the defiant with the others.