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08-17-2012, 10:51 AM
i really think that the fleet Defiant is balanced unlike its brethern which are a little bulkier it turns faster and on top of that can keep itself out of danger until needed. also the cloak dishes out a brief damage buff on top of all the other buffs you can lay down while in cloak.

i have flown all 3 VA escorts and i keep coming back to my old favorite the Defiant simply because it outguns them in terms of DPS and since i have cloak if im able to get away i can stealth myself and lose any pusuers unless they get real close to me. the cloak really does balnance the defiant R to the other 2.

The heavy escort carrier is fine but i have seen that even with the spare eng BOFF i feel like i get overwhelmed more often than the other 2 and blow up more it can however do insane burst damage with its console and combining it with torp spread makes even more carnage.

and last MVAE while the MVAM is good cooldown is terrible and you are squishier if not as squishy as a defiant except you deal less DPS sure you have the other 2 sectios but in a huge firefight i have seen them fall quickly to ganged fire and become useless.