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08-17-2012, 12:14 PM
Let me get this straight - you're seriously going to complain about an enemy power that can be countered by a single torpedo, just because YOU choose not to fly with one equipped? Do you even realize how stupidly stubborn that makes you sound?

Acetons are a great challenge that shake up gameplay that can otherwise quickly become monotonous. You can't faceroll your way past a gorn fleet anymore - you have to watch your targeting and keep some of your Fire-At-Will spam in check, then use the tiniest amount of forethought to clear the battlefield. Why is having to pay attention when playing the game a bad thing?

That said, I wouldn't mind seeing them become less numerous in Fleet Defense maps. Especially considering the number of players that get other players killed by spamming beams and cannons at the things. Or maybe they just need to rename them from "Aceton Assimilator" to "Hit Me With Torpedoes or Die" so the newbs can be protected from themselves.