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08-17-2012, 12:17 PM
Soo... Devs/Execs and all,

It appears to have been a good experience. Are you thinking of doing it again? Never been to Vegas, not into gambling, so perhaps this might be excuse one day to go, drop by, and see the rest of Vegas while we are at it.

1. Wow Hirogen Borg is insane.
2. Remote Control Horta is awesome..
3. Please get dancing borg into the game as an easter egg somewhere.
4. Wow Riker is getting beat by the age stick.. Sirtis... can I still get your phone number?
5. Brent, Dorn, and Burton are getting old too... this is depressing...
6. Gorn with an Elvis suit! Too bad they are KDF or I'd say one should be in club 47 on occasion...
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