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Originally Posted by jnohd View Post

Red Romulans, or no Romulans. Cryptic can't even support 2 factions, what makes you think you will ever see 3?
Why are you telling that? The only problem of the KDF is the lack of story content. The rest is working pretty well, and it's even more developped than the Fed side. More dailies, more work has been done on the homeworld, there are ships ready, etc. Just a few episodes to release. That's all, and you have a complete faction, nothing else is needed. They just don't release ships because it's not as profitable as releasing ships for Starfleet, but I assume they are aware of the fact that if the player is allowed to start at level 1, it would be profitable after several months. I guess they wouldn't make the same mistake two time with a 3rd faction.