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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
That image is from the Romulan Mining Camp that you guys have already visited. That's an updated (later) version of it that I think is part of S7.

The concept is something I'm working on now, but keep in mind, that concept is mostly for mood, lighting, and overall ideas, the actual map is not laid out like that at all.
I like the lighting.

Is that a preset that's open in the Foundry? I don't recognize it if so. (I would like more lighting schemes or ability to customize them on the ground.)

I'll tell you one thing: I've loved each lighting scheme more than the last. There is a palpable sense here and in C-Store designs (costumes and ships) that you guys are constantly mastering your own tools better and better. I know there's been turnover but I get a real sense that you guys are constantly coming into your own more and more.

I'm a nut for lighting (probably my theatre background). It's probably one thing I agonize over the most in my Foundry missions even with limited options available and the more high quality maps we get in the Foundry, the more I find myself using the maps you give us largely unmodified, with more emphasis placed on scenarios and lighting.

I've built some of what the Foundry community refers to as Ziggurats. One of my prime examples was from "Final Judgment." I have a preview of an old Work in Progress draft here:

But the more great maps you give me, well... I foresee a point very soon when I won't do much of these and can focus more on lighting and (fingers crossed) pathing and cutscenes.