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Can't believe Cryptic hasn't monetized this possibility yet.

I have a Galor. Its nice. Unique. Whatever. I'm not a huge cruiser player, but I went ahead and unboxed it and tried it out. How else will you ever know if you like it or not, right?

Turns out its just not my thing.

What would be great is if Cryptic would sell me a way to re-box and sell my Galore on the exchange so that the folks who have terrible lockbox luck or who won't buy keys for whatever reason could have a chance to enjoy it.

And I could then use the EC to go towards buying that Jem Attack ship no one wants to trade me for my D'Kora.

Would have to be some mechanism in place to make sure the ultra-rare ship returns to its factory condition - all unique weapons and such present. Build restoring it to factory condition into the price of the token or don't let the item be reboxed unless all the origianal unique items are present I guess.

500 Zen would be reasonable I would think.

What am I missing that prevents this from happening?