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*Starbase 41*
Ryan: Well?

Matt: Nothing yet. Hold on... They're transmitting!

Ryan: On screen!

*On the main viewer, a reporter appears standing in front of Federation Headquarters in Paris. An "FNN" watermark is in the corner of the screen*

Reporter: Earlier today, President Aennik Okeg and Admiral Andrew Smith signed a treaty bringing an end to the Federation's first, and hopefully last, Civil War. Admiral Smith agreed to stand down from his position in Starfleet Command, and instead serve as the President's Advisor on the Iconian threat. While worlds on both sides are still recoiling from the attacks launched by Admiral Smith, many are already on their way to healing. Solais V, however, has declared that they shall continue to remain an independent state pending further recovery from the conflict.

In related news, Former Starfleet Rear Admiral Ryan Allington has declared that Deep Space 61 shall remain independent from the Federation, and that he resigns from Starfleet. These feelings are shared by many of the men and women under his command, and the Federation Council has acknowledged their independence.

Speculation continues as to Admiral Allen's plans for the future, now that the conflict is over, and many believe that he intends to leave Starfleet and break away as DS-61 has, and as Vanguard did several months ago.

Speculation also suggests that "Captain" Allington intends to begin negotiations with the Vanguard Imperium for technology and a Defence Pact, though nothing confirmed.

In other news, the search continues for Starfleet Vice Admiral Soval, who was captured by a renegade Borg vessel more than a week ago.

This is Angela Torqueman, Federation News Network, bringing you news from the Final Frontier and beyond.

Ryan: Well, at least things are returning to a Status Quo at home.

Matt: Don't jinx it.
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