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Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
Partly? This increases supply of said ship meaning if they want to use it again it's less appealing to the market.

That said - for future reference try the test server for testing such things - just grab your character with their boxed up goodies, transfer over, open, try. Decide.

(Yes, I know that's not the point of the test server, but it's handy!)
It doesnt really increase the supply. The exact same number of ultra-rare ships are out there that were out there to begin with. It just means more people would have a chance to get one that is currently sitting in someones garage collecting dust.

If you mean it would decrease the demand for keys, I'd agree with you there. That can be offset by making anyone who buys an unbind token spend Zen and a small dilithium surcharge to get the token. Or by making the zen cost of an unbind token high enough so it isnt a casual purchase and offsets lost key income.