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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
In competition, people get nasty and unpleasant. On the internet, with the Online Disinhibition Effect / GIFT, people get nasty and unpleasant. Combine the two, and good lord. Whether trash-talking or condescension, the attitudes still come through loud and clear.

Speaking of older games with different models (someone mentioned EQ earlier), I remember playing Asheron's Call in the late 90s, where one of the servers was dedicated open-world PVP. There was some PVP in the normal servers (if you flagged yourself as such), but the really elitist bullies had their own space seperate from everyone else where they could azzhole to their hearts content. Really something to be said for the multiple-server model.

Trying to think which game had instituted something similar (server for those who were accused and/or found to be cheating), where certain players would be placed in along with everyone like them so they can duke it out amongst each other.

Cryptic, you should really think of opening up another server just for ERP'ers and Starfleet Dental. And anyone else that willingly dabbles in bullying and being a general ***hole. Just saying.

Also to expand my quote/unquote elitism... At first, you could have also considered me to be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, and I felt pretty about that former arrangement. Until I figured out how to use the exchange as a microchasm of real-world markets. It really is a close and realistic simulation of a typical first-world economy, and I guess the drive to make EC is what drives me now. Also, being one of many people in our fleet who have a knack for all things financial. Hence our success with fleet starbase construction.

Anyways, I may dabble in PvP sometime in the future, but for now... crappy Dell Inspiron 1318 with Intel Graphics (x3100 on the 965 Express Chipset) that have not let me do any substantial STF's since season 6 came out >... so working the markets and non-stf dil grinding is all I got left.

BTW Cryptic, seriously... for us "integrated gfx" folk, can we get more advanced video options, like to use something other than Direct3D... Or just slip a few hundred bucks back into my CC so I can run off and buy some decent hardware??? LOL