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08-17-2012, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by tavish1337 View Post
Just came out of Infected Space STF. Aside from being yelled at that i should learn to tank ( soon as i get into a team which doesnt consists of 4 tac officers in escorts and or cruisers, and no science vessel or support skills). After apologizing profusely for being blown up by the Tactical Cube, the warp gate and several spheres after all my cooldowns ran out, we cleared the STF with little trouble, altough i died in the last second again. Meh..

After i respawned the rest of the guys were already gone, and i flew towards the loot..which wasnt there anymore..180 seconds of frantic searching ensued, after which the instance closed, and i had nothing more for my 30 minutes the a ****ton of used up consumeables. MAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
I bet you got blown up a lot because the rest were doing piss all damage and you were consequently the only player generating threat.