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08-17-2012, 05:51 PM
For Phase 2, a science officer with a Medic Kit can pretty much solo all the Saboteurs as well. Start at the Southwest corner, sprint through all the mobs, use a pulsewave to kill the saboteur while healing yourself. When he's dead, move to the Northwest Saboteur, repeat, then once he's dead, commit suicide. Rez, then repeat starting on the Southeast side.

Now, you dont have to solo it, hopefully the other 4 members of your group will be useful, but worst case, this part is easy to solo as a sci or tact (not sure about engineering, I dont play one of those).

Note: I saw your diagram with Far left, or whatever, I still prefer actual directions (SW/SE/NW/NE). Much easier to describe, and the groups I run with all use it too.