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Originally Posted by clannmac View Post
Do we know someone is working on the issue, and why are seemingly only a fraction of us being affected? If it was server-wide this and other forums would be on Page 500 by now.
This is what's been nagging at me most about this issue and has me thinking that the root of this problem might be some sort of disconnect between Cryptic's servers and our Internet Service Providers. As I stated earlier, I have a pal (in Ft. Meyers, FL.) who has Comcast as his ISP, and he's been able to login to STO today, without any problems at all. Meanwhile, I'm here in Orlando, FL., with Brighthouse Networks/Roadrunner as my ISP and I've plagued with this "Unable to establish connection to Patch Server" problem.

This whole thing vaguely reminds me of a persistent problem that Brighthouse/Roadrunner used to have with Microsoft's Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. Years ago, Brighthouse/Roadrunner would update their ISP software or somesuch and it would prevent any and all of their customers from accessing both MS Hotmail and MSN/Windows Live Messenger. Roadrunner would even acknowledge the issue directly on their ISP systems status page. They usually had the problem fixed within hours or, at most, within a day.

PWEBranflakes stated that they have a team currently investigating the problem. Perhaps it might help them if we all share some specific info, such as what Operating System we're running and (more to the point of my guess on the root of the problem) who we all use as our Internet Service Provider?

I'll repeat my info for the sake of posterity. My system's OS is Windows 7, 64 bit and my Internet Service Provider is Brighthouse Networks / Roadrunner.
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