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08-17-2012, 04:53 PM
I'd go for more than a two value system. I'd go for a two ship system.

That way people start off in standard PvE ships but earn these PvP ships, which are innately better than even C-Store or Fleet ships for PvP because they're targeted at PvP stats. That reintroduces possibility of eSport.

Now, beyond that, to keep dilithium/fleet demand high and avoid an extra currency...

I'd have dilithium or fleet credits be used to buy PvP ships.

However, access to the PvP ship store would be tiered based on commendation category (reputation) progress.

Everyone's PvP rep is reset quarterly and new weapons and ships and cool stuff would also be added quarterly to the PvP ship store.

You get, say, 500 PvP CXP per match for a win, 50 for a lose. And players who have higher tiers (Ie. say I'm Tier 3 in PvP) award a bonus bounty of CXP every time you kill them. The better you are, the bigger the target on you.

If you max out the commendation category at 100k PvP CXP, you get to reap rewards like dilithium turn-ins or fleet marks or maybe even Lobi hand-ins or Fleet Base extras until the seasonal reset.

Then everybody starts at 0 PvP XP and the rivalry starts up again. The old gear is discounted. New gear is introduced. There's a perk for hitting the top tier each PvP season.