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Its a good analysis, but I wonder how far it can go before it comes under threat of being homogenized to accommodate player requests. "I want to patrol on my Cardassian, not my FED. Why should I have to X to do Y" etc Your analysis didn't rule out any path for a specific faction, but people will always want more. It would be an interesting thought though to see how such development would pan out.

I wonder if some element of shared content could actually have a hand in things as well.

A series of new maps are made (or one big map with a lot of nooks and crannies). More often than not, it will become Fed content first - as they patrol/explore it. Then when they move on, after potentially saving the day and meeting the alien of the week - perhaps the Klingons roll on in and lay down the law. Its re-used, but in a way that could perhaps encourage further plotlines where the Federation return to help out the locals. Maybe the Romulans had a secret base there all along and decide now is the time to strike. Surely its easier to create mission content when the overall map doesn't have to change - other games have demonstrated this and STO could too.
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