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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
I'd say it's somewhere in between sucking and wrecking. A PvP build will be sufficient for PvE, but it definitely is not ideal. I've recently changed from a PvE setup to a PvP setup and had to change many things, including weapons, Boff abilities, and even active space Doffs.
Dunno I main a pure PvP built tac/Garumba tourney, (as in no +1 consoles at all, though I do run a Red Matter Capasitor), set up right now right now and I've been face melting PvE. Considering how the game is built around DPS and heals it is not a surprise to me that a tac/escort has a high degree of mission flexibility.

Earlier today I PuGged a Starbase Defense. Two warped out right at the beginning one was an AKF hero that left a Bortasqu and myself. We were stubborn and managed to get to wave four before we lost the base. That Bortasqu was good. Kept the base healed at the expense of their self more than once.

Still I was thinking about setting up a slightly more PvE build with a swappable BO set up for one more CSV and no CRF...

Edited to get a touch more on topic:

I made a post in another thread that pointed out one of the reasons that under the current mechanics PvP is the best tool to judge balance by. It was in a thread about how the new Metreon Gas dispenser is underwhelming.

The reality is that to give a degree of challenge to PvE the NPC's hit points and damage has to be super charged as the AI that controls them does not chose or time buffs and heals all that well. So you get NPCs with ludicrous hit point values and very high damage output values.

In the case of the metreon gas trick the new console fails to look all that impressive in PvE because the NPC hull goes down just a tiny fraction. Yet when you see a Regent with full hull and a down shield facing drop to 30% hull due to that console when it gets stuck in it's own metreon fart it is very effective against ships like BoPs, Science vessels, and even escorts that are piloted by players. Very effective as in coup de gr?ce effective.
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