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Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
A bug is currently causing some items to not properly display all of their statistics. These items should fix themselves if you put them in your inventory and move to another zone. (You do not need to equip the item to do this.)

This appears to be primarily happening with Phased Tetryon weapons and some Environmental Suits.

We are currently investigating a broader fix to this issue.
I just unequipped my Single Phased Tetryon Cannons and placed them into my inventory while on SFA, then I beamed into Sol System and they still so not show the 2.5% chance: -323 damage to all shields my Phased Tetryon Turrets do.

Went to sector space, no change. Back to SOL, no change. beamed back down to SFA: No change, back up to ESD and no change.

My phased tetryon pulsewave and high density beam rifles also have this issue with not showing the tetryon proc. and they were in my inventory as well.

Is this JUST a graphic issue? Or are we not getting the damage as well.
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