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Originally Posted by lpthomasmarik View Post
You premise is flawed. You assume that a fully fleshed out faction will not attract the same if not more players.

You do realize that this game is attracting more than trekkies right? Given the choice between the United Nations in space or Space vikings I think you would have found a lot of people who only cared about blowing stuff up moving to the Klingon Side. The problem with the Klingon side isn't just that it isn't fleshed out. The problem is that it has always been a gated faction.
And it will remain gated until there's another 20 missions and a tutorial there.

My post is about looking at how to realistically add those missions.

And even Trek fan run games attracted more than Trekkies. I used to play on one that had more than 500 CCUs, which is a lot for a fan game (there are probably points where Champs had less than that), and it also made concessions to non-Trekkies and it had to install quotas.

There is no correcting the popularity contest. You can attract more space vikings but they'll bring more Federation players in tow with them.

What you can do is look at the expense of content.

I'm saying that if you look at how the shows managed factions and you look at how the maps are drawn up and THINK about it, Klingon content should be offset by being cheaper to produce than Federation content. Romulan content is cheaper to produce than Klingon content. Cardassian content is cheaper to produce than Romulan content. It happens organically if you're true to the factions.

This was NOT true for the old text based games but for an open world game, it is largely true if Klingons hold and occupy territory, staying in one place longer than Federation. And if Romulans hold and occupy a narrower region longer than Klingons. And if Cardassians hold and occupy a more narrow region longer than Romulans.

Now, this results in reflections on quality that are nuanced based.

But some of the best games in the last 30 years were centered on very narrow tracts of virtual real estate.

And you can always have FEs and DSEs and STFs that are faction neutral. And Fleet Holdings that are distinct.

But I'm not talking FEs. I'm talking leveling content.

I think the best way to finish Klingons and expand beyond is to focus on giving Klingons the same number of leveling missions as Feds but with more map repetition. And then Romulans get the same number of leveling missions as Klingons and Feds but reusing fewer maps for more episodes. And you get down to Cardassians and you're prospectively down to the idea of a career "planetary occupation" assignment where you have 50 episodes on the same 5 maps. And if they're good maps and the stories make compelling use of the limitation, it works.

Leveling takes, what? 30 hours? Look at how many Resident Evil games offer longer gameplay than that and take place in JUST. ONE. HOUSE.

So I'm not talking starbases, STFs, FEs, etc. But leveling content doesn't necessarily need tons of maps to have tons of missions.